Family Tree Art Gallery

Maternal Paternal Trees

Family Tree Art Gallery

Trees grow together, just like parents. In this Family Tree Art Gallery imagine your maternal and paternal family trees joined by this unique view of genealogy. Our living family trees provide beautiful art to show your children how they fit into family relationships. Contemporary cousins appear side by side along branches crossing date rings of time originating with great grandparents. With this artistic rendering of your family tree, you can fit everyone’s name on framed art in your home.

This is our family tree art gallery of top-down family trees, backgrounds and some awesome family tree ideas. The borders and backgrounds you choose will create a style all your own – something to fit your family heritage or just cool art for your wall. You can see more ideas on my Pinterest. If you like this idea, please consider purchasing a tree (or two) of your own.


I have found many public domain high-resolution images which are geometric and circular. This fits the overall design of the radial top-down family tree concept.


There are many patterns in fabric which are suitable backgrounds. Many of these do hail from a historical time period, culture or heritage.


Many of the backgrounds come from nature and are related to trees: lichen, moss, leaves, branches, or the forest floor. I’ve used some aerial views of trees, especially in the fall which have the most color. Geology has some beautiful minerals and opals. See Opalescence and Crystalline.

Computer Graphics

People are fascinated by fractals and other computer generated art. It may not relate to your family heritage but it might be something fantastic to place on your wall at home.


Our Meng family tree is a view of the forest looking up at the stars. Everyone liked this idea because of our family trips to Oregon. We all love the star view of dark-sky areas of the country. You could use a view of the moon or space if you have that desire.

Crown Shyness

This is an interesting phenomenon of tree tops. I found Crown Shyness while searching for tree tops. Again, it is a view up at the trees in a radial format. The trees however do not touch each other. To learn more about this see Crown Shyness blog.

You can see just borders at our Border Gallery.

You can see just backgrounds at our Background Gallery.

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